How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work

How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work

Are you a patient of a migraine? Are your sinuses disturbing you a lot? Or you are just tired of having a painful back? All these can vanish in a jiffy with one word – Acupuncture! But common question is that How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work.

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment strategy of China. With the grace of its result, this strategy went viral to the whole world.

How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work

Though the process is traditional, it cannot assure you the cure. This is an unpredictable treatment. You don’t know how much time you need to be cured. It is not a fixed scheduled treatment. The time of cure depends on some factors in acupuncture –

The severity of pain

The more pain you are having, the more time you will need to get cured in acupuncture. Acupuncturist Dublin says, “Your pain decides your cure”. It means you have back pain for 7 days, the time required to be cured in this case won’t be similar to the case of 1 month of the pain. The less chronic your pain is, you will recover earlier. So if you are noticing back pain while bending, or migraine in the evening or even a neckache after waking up from bed, do not waste time to grow your pain. Take the decision and go to the nearest Acupuncturist in Dublin!

Age is not just a number in this case

Aging is an organic process that everyone passes through. It is the beauty of the nature of the human body. Age doesn’t matter anything if you are mentally fresh like an young. But as aging is a regular physiological phenomenon, it has an effect on acupuncture. The more you are grown up, the cells of your body starts losing power of regenerate. For this reason Acupuncture works quickly for younger rather than old, as their cells and tissues can react faster. So do not wait for old age to get treatment.

How frequent you are being punctured

Acupuncture and meditation are like same page on different books. The more you meditate, the more you feel relaxed, Acupuncture is just the same. If you are visiting your acupuncturist regularly, you are more likely to be cured soon. Acupuncturist Dublin brings you a chart to make it easy –

  • Severe: if you cannot tolerate the pain anymore if it is 10 out of 10 in your own pain measuring scale than you should do it every day until a noticeable change.
  • Moderate : if you feel the pain very often, but not very frequent, if it is 6 out of 10 category pain for you, then you can go for acupuncture 2-3 times in a week.
  • Mild: If your pain is not bothering you that much, but you don’t want it to increase gradually, you can visit the acupuncture center for 1-2 times in a week.
  • Chronic: if you are a chronic patient of pain, then you must go for acupuncture on a regular basis.

Be brave to challenge your pain and go for acupuncture!



What to Do After Acupuncture

What to Do After Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a long process. You need to take care of yourself after every session of it. Some people get very confused about what to do and what not to do after Acupuncture. Acupuncturist Dublin brings you some techniques to deal with the after-effects of Acupuncture.

Actually what to Do After Acupuncture

Whose are not used to do acupuncture they have that this common question. Today we will clear you everything about the issue briefly.


Though acupuncture makes you energetic, You need to relax after a session. Yes, it is not needed to lie in the bed for the whole day, but it is necessary to let your muscles and nerves relax. Take a good nap, give time on meditation. Avoid hiking, night parties and moving home as all these have bad effects on your body. Go easy. Keep the window open, let a breeze come and make your soul calm. Store the energy you gained from the session, boost it and go back to life like a boss!

Use heat

It is the most asked question by the patients, “what to use after a session – heat or cold?” Ok. Acupuncturist Dublin clears it from the very basic. Acupuncture is done to get rid of the pain. Pain arises when there is muscle cramp, clots, thrombus, loss or excess sensation of nerve endings. Cold increases clots. These clots create blockages for normal circulation and impulse transmission. So if you are icing your legs hoping that it will be a good element to reduce your pain, you are axing in your own feet. This icebag is making the situation worse. Use heat. It will make you feel better.

Good food good life

Every session feels like a session of exercise. So you need to keep your muscles nourished. Eat fresh food. Avoid sugar and processed food. When you come back from a session, your full body is as fresh as a flower. Don’t ruin it by the rotten garbage named fast-food. Eat homemade food whatever you like, fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol – Yes or No?

Alcohol is already a prohibited drink for good health. Moreover, when it is a matter of Acupuncture, I would always suggest you be away from this and I have a valid reason.

After a session of acupuncture, your body needs to get highly hydrated. Alcohol is a dehydrating element itself. Every peg makes your liver distorted, intestine weak and immunity weaker. Staying away from alcohol makes your body healthier of course.

Don’t work hard

“Work hard” is a common proverb we get to hear every day. But in this particular matter, I would say, don’t pressurize your body. You love to exercise, very good. But it is not necessary to have 60 pushups after an acupuncture session. You can easily make your six-packs later. Go easy with your exercise routine.


Acupuncture means excreting toxins from your body. Enjoy your body free from all toxic substances.


Acupuncture is not like regular treatment that has specific rules and regulations to follow. It gives you full freedom to do your ordinary pursuit. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and enjoy Acupuncture!


How to prepare for Acupuncture

How to prepare for Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a relaxing treatment process. This helps in pain relief, stress relief and so on. At the very beginning, people get panic thinking about how to prepare for acupuncture session. Well, this article is going to help you then. We are sharing some ideas to be fully prepared for a session.

Learn How to prepare for Acupuncture

Preparing before Acupuncture is not very hard to do. You have to just follow some steps. Here we are briefly present everything about it step by step.

Where to go

The first step to prepare for a session is to find a good Acupuncture center. Acupuncturist Dublin is nowadays the best Acupuncturist center in Dublin. Professional acupuncturists do sessions here. You can get an appointment from their office.


Don’t make a rush for a session. Keep enough time. Go to the center at least half an hour before your appointment. Relax in this period. Let your body be prepared for the upcoming process.


Good sleep is very much appreciated for an acupuncture session. A sleepless buzzed head will not allow enjoying the session.  If you had nice comfy sleep the previous night, you are going to like to be punctured more.

Eating is necessary

Never think that an empty stomach will be easier to be punctured. No. It is wrong. According to Experts, it is important to take a light meal before a session. This meal will prevent sudden hunger pain during acupuncturing. Again this small meal gives nourishment to the body. So you won’t feel weak after the session.

Loose Clothes with Style

It is not important to be in tight-fitting dresses always to look beautiful. School uniforms are always loosened, but school girls look the cutest. To accept the fact that you will look cool in a loose dress in some places. Acupuncture center is one of them. Acupuncture Centre suggests it’s clients to come in loose dresses. So that the circulation of the body is maintained well and it gives better results during puncture.

Caffeine is your enemy

Morning coffee is a lifesaver for some people. But not on the day of your appointment. Caffeine makes the body dehydrated. This creates difficulties to pierce the skin by needles. A soft hydrated body is easier to get punctured. So avoid caffeine and drink more water.

Take note of your Medicines

It is important to let your puncturist know about your current physical condition. If you are on medicine, inform your trainer. Even if you are on birth control pills, inform that too. If you can’t remember all these names, write down. But always remember, some medicines can effect the opposite in Acupuncture and make your condition worse. So don’t take a chance.


You can take a good long nap during the process. Keep the eyes closed, think about something nice from memory, or something that you want someday. Keep the negativity away from the inner self. Enjoy every puncture. Believe that each puncture is going to relief you from the pain. Don’t try to think something forcefully. Listen to some soft music and get drown into the sea of peace.

Done? Your first session of Acupuncture went good. Using these tips, make it better. Good luck!

How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go

How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go

Are you thinking of acupuncture but fear of piercing by a needle doesn’t let you go? Well, your worries are on safe hands. We are here to help regarding this matter “How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go”

Now, the piercing depth of the needle is based on some factors. As like –

Which part of the body is acupunctured: How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go

The depth of the puncture depends on which part of your body is getting punctured. Suppose you want to acupuncture your thigh, legs, and feet. Now you will get 3 different sizes of needles. Because the thigh contains almost 15 major muscles and a lot of subcutaneous fat. Whether legs have less muscle and feet have even less and thinner muscles. So if the needle puncturing the thigh, punctures the feet, the feet will be perforated. According to Acupuncturist Dublin, a famous acupuncture center in Dublin, in the muscular and fatty parts of the body as the like thigh, buttocks, arms (sometimes) needles pierce 2-3 inches. And in the thinner part as like wrist, feet, hand, ears, nose, needles will go for 1 to 2 milometer.

Which style you pick :

Though Acupuncture was first invented in China, now it is spread among almost all the countries of the world. Chinese style, Korean style, Japanese style are some favorite styles of people for acupuncturing. In Japanese and Korean style, the needle goes into the skin less than the Chinese style. With the flavor of authentic acupuncture, Chinese Acupuncturist prefers the long sized needles to penetrate the skin and directly hit on the muscles.

Which angle is being punctured :

Another factor controlling the depth of needles is the Angle. It is scientifically proven that any injection or just a needle pierces better and deeper in an oblique angle rather than straight. Oblique piercing e.g. in the wrist, go for 1 or 2 inches and it is even painless if your acupuncturist can do it properly. Acupuncturist Dublin is well known for their scientific methods and advanced technology. They try their best to provide as painless as possible acupuncture to their clients. So oblique or straight, the degree of the needle piercing the skin also controls the depth of the puncture.

Your body is also a factor :

Though being fat or slim shouldn’t bother someone in this era, but in this case, it matters. A good feed person with a muscular body needs deeper needles. Whether a patient with much loss of weight needs less deep needles for shallower puncture. So it’s up to your body.

Which pain is suffering you :

It is said that “Pain describes it all” – true it is! Pain on a specific part of the body helps to determine the depth of the puncture. Needles will go deeper in case of unstable nerve, rather than acupuncture in ears.

Most importantly :

In vital parts and organs such as head, neck, spinal cord, internal organs – acupuncture is quite a difficult job to do. These parts are super sensitive. These areas need a specific measurement of needle otherwise there will be fatal destruction. Therapists spend years researching this specific topic. Acupuncturist Dublin is a reliable center of acupuncture as they provide the best acupuncturists to ensure your safety first!

Final Words

That’s for now. If you are really in pain and decided to acupuncture yourself, don’t get afraid about the depth of the puncture. Just go and get an amazing acupuncture session!