Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Acupuncture Treatment

No, literally no side effect is left to your body after you go through a complete acupuncture therapy. Even WHO hasn’t confirmed anything negative in its report on Acupuncture.

Yes, those are completely safe because of a number of reasons. First of all, those are made of pure stainless steel. Then, those are sterilized well before every single application. Most importantly, used needles are not stored for repeated use.

No, you can’t never because a very slight electric current is passed through the needles in a completely tested controlled way. You may have a feel of maximum an ant bite, not more than that.

No, there is no chance of it and it has never happened to any of our patients. In case you have an unknown fear of getting burnt, you can go for indirect moxibustion with complete reliance.

Well, the feel actually varies from patient to patient. But, our experience says that the treatment session is a bit dull to many of the patients but the feel that they get just after the session, according to them, is invaluable and beggar descriptive.