How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go

How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go

Are you thinking of acupuncture but fear of piercing by a needle doesn’t let you go? Well, your worries are on safe hands. We are here to help regarding this matter “How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go”

Now, the piercing depth of the needle is based on some factors. As like –

Which part of the body is acupunctured: How Deep Do Acupuncture Needles Go

The depth of the puncture depends on which part of your body is getting punctured. Suppose you want to acupuncture your thigh, legs, and feet. Now you will get 3 different sizes of needles. Because the thigh contains almost 15 major muscles and a lot of subcutaneous fat. Whether legs have less muscle and feet have even less and thinner muscles. So if the needle puncturing the thigh, punctures the feet, the feet will be perforated. According to Acupuncturist Dublin, a famous acupuncture center in Dublin, in the muscular and fatty parts of the body as the like thigh, buttocks, arms (sometimes) needles pierce 2-3 inches. And in the thinner part as like wrist, feet, hand, ears, nose, needles will go for 1 to 2 milometer.

Which style you pick :

Though Acupuncture was first invented in China, now it is spread among almost all the countries of the world. Chinese style, Korean style, Japanese style are some favorite styles of people for acupuncturing. In Japanese and Korean style, the needle goes into the skin less than the Chinese style. With the flavor of authentic acupuncture, Chinese Acupuncturist prefers the long sized needles to penetrate the skin and directly hit on the muscles.

Which angle is being punctured :

Another factor controlling the depth of needles is the Angle. It is scientifically proven that any injection or just a needle pierces better and deeper in an oblique angle rather than straight. Oblique piercing e.g. in the wrist, go for 1 or 2 inches and it is even painless if your acupuncturist can do it properly. Acupuncturist Dublin is well known for their scientific methods and advanced technology. They try their best to provide as painless as possible acupuncture to their clients. So oblique or straight, the degree of the needle piercing the skin also controls the depth of the puncture.

Your body is also a factor :

Though being fat or slim shouldn’t bother someone in this era, but in this case, it matters. A good feed person with a muscular body needs deeper needles. Whether a patient with much loss of weight needs less deep needles for shallower puncture. So it’s up to your body.

Which pain is suffering you :

It is said that “Pain describes it all” – true it is! Pain on a specific part of the body helps to determine the depth of the puncture. Needles will go deeper in case of unstable nerve, rather than acupuncture in ears.

Most importantly :

In vital parts and organs such as head, neck, spinal cord, internal organs – acupuncture is quite a difficult job to do. These parts are super sensitive. These areas need a specific measurement of needle otherwise there will be fatal destruction. Therapists spend years researching this specific topic. Acupuncturist Dublin is a reliable center of acupuncture as they provide the best acupuncturists to ensure your safety first!

Final Words

That’s for now. If you are really in pain and decided to acupuncture yourself, don’t get afraid about the depth of the puncture. Just go and get an amazing acupuncture session!