How does Acupuncture helps with weight loss

How does Acupuncture helps with weight loss

Do you want to acupuncture to lose weight? But not sure whether it would work or not? Well, it will!

Acupuncture is a process of reducing pain of muscles or nerves. It relaxes body with serene stimulation. But it also has a merit that very few people know, it can help in reducing weight.

How does Acupuncture helps with weight loss

You gain weight when your body is not balanced. According to Acupuncturist Dublin, this imbalance is caused by inappropriate functioning of –


as it is the base organ of metabolism. Dysfunction of liver destroys the metabolic cycle. Fat cannot be synthesized properly. These fats accumulate in liver and other parts of body. So overall body weight increases.


as it purifies blood. Without spleen proper blood purification is not possible. Impure blood hampers the metabolism and circulatory system of the body. As a result, indicator of weight machine goes higher.


kidneys are greatly involved in excretion of wastes. These are the main organs that removes the harmful materials from the body. If kidney is not functioning correctly, waste products of metabolism creates haphazard and increases weight.

Thyroid gland

thyroid gland is one of the most important glands of the body. Itsecrets thyroxin and triiodothrionin hormone. These hormones play important role in weight gaining or losing.

Endocrine system

we all know that hormones are most essential to maintain weight. Over secretion or under nutrition of hormones can increase or decrease weight. Endocrine system controls hormones of the full body. So any harm to the endocrine system can lead you to put on weight.


Sometimes Acupuncture is done on ears. It is a belief among the ancient Acupuncture practitioners that piercing on different points of the ears reduces appetite.

If above mentioned parts of the body get interrupted, you will gain weight. So Acupuncturists focus on these parts of the body mainly to reduce weight.

Now, how Acupuncture helps you in this case. Acupuncturist Dublin, a well known Acupuncture center in Dublin, spoke about this matter. According to them, Acupuncture does some major changes in the body –

  1. It increases metabolism
  2. Controls hormone secretion
  3. Lowers appetite
  4. Lowers stress
  5. Sounder sleep
  6. Gives good energy
  7. Feels better

If you are acupuncturing only for losing weight, you need to fix a schedule for better result. Otherwise all may go in vein. If you are determined to lose 10-15 pounds, you need get punctured for twice in a week for one and half to two months.

Along with Acupuncture, diet and exercise will result better. Not heavy exercise nor very strict diet, just a balanced diet with light exercise will hasten the journey of losing weight.


Acupuncture is a wholesome process. It reduces pain, reduces stress and even reduces weight. What else you can ask for! It is not a treatment, it a ongoing long process. If you are doing it regularly in proper way, you will definitely feel better and boost up with more energy. So don’t be in dilemma. Go for Acupuncture and treat yourself. Enjoy puncturing!