How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work

How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work

Are you a patient of a migraine? Are your sinuses disturbing you a lot? Or you are just tired of having a painful back? All these can vanish in a jiffy with one word – Acupuncture! But common question is that How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work.

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment strategy of China. With the grace of its result, this strategy went viral to the whole world.

How Long does it take for Acupuncture to Work

Though the process is traditional, it cannot assure you the cure. This is an unpredictable treatment. You don’t know how much time you need to be cured. It is not a fixed scheduled treatment. The time of cure depends on some factors in acupuncture –

The severity of pain

The more pain you are having, the more time you will need to get cured in acupuncture. Acupuncturist Dublin says, “Your pain decides your cure”. It means you have back pain for 7 days, the time required to be cured in this case won’t be similar to the case of 1 month of the pain. The less chronic your pain is, you will recover earlier. So if you are noticing back pain while bending, or migraine in the evening or even a neckache after waking up from bed, do not waste time to grow your pain. Take the decision and go to the nearest Acupuncturist in Dublin!

Age is not just a number in this case

Aging is an organic process that everyone passes through. It is the beauty of the nature of the human body. Age doesn’t matter anything if you are mentally fresh like an young. But as aging is a regular physiological phenomenon, it has an effect on acupuncture. The more you are grown up, the cells of your body starts losing power of regenerate. For this reason Acupuncture works quickly for younger rather than old, as their cells and tissues can react faster. So do not wait for old age to get treatment.

How frequent you are being punctured

Acupuncture and meditation are like same page on different books. The more you meditate, the more you feel relaxed, Acupuncture is just the same. If you are visiting your acupuncturist regularly, you are more likely to be cured soon. Acupuncturist Dublin brings you a chart to make it easy –

  • Severe: if you cannot tolerate the pain anymore if it is 10 out of 10 in your own pain measuring scale than you should do it every day until a noticeable change.
  • Moderate : if you feel the pain very often, but not very frequent, if it is 6 out of 10 category pain for you, then you can go for acupuncture 2-3 times in a week.
  • Mild: If your pain is not bothering you that much, but you don’t want it to increase gradually, you can visit the acupuncture center for 1-2 times in a week.
  • Chronic: if you are a chronic patient of pain, then you must go for acupuncture on a regular basis.

Be brave to challenge your pain and go for acupuncture!