What to Do After Acupuncture

What to Do After Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a long process. You need to take care of yourself after every session of it. Some people get very confused about what to do and what not to do after Acupuncture. Acupuncturist Dublin brings you some techniques to deal with the after-effects of Acupuncture.

Actually what to Do After Acupuncture

Whose are not used to do acupuncture they have that this common question. Today we will clear you everything about the issue briefly.


Though acupuncture makes you energetic, You need to relax after a session. Yes, it is not needed to lie in the bed for the whole day, but it is necessary to let your muscles and nerves relax. Take a good nap, give time on meditation. Avoid hiking, night parties and moving home as all these have bad effects on your body. Go easy. Keep the window open, let a breeze come and make your soul calm. Store the energy you gained from the session, boost it and go back to life like a boss!

Use heat

It is the most asked question by the patients, “what to use after a session – heat or cold?” Ok. Acupuncturist Dublin clears it from the very basic. Acupuncture is done to get rid of the pain. Pain arises when there is muscle cramp, clots, thrombus, loss or excess sensation of nerve endings. Cold increases clots. These clots create blockages for normal circulation and impulse transmission. So if you are icing your legs hoping that it will be a good element to reduce your pain, you are axing in your own feet. This icebag is making the situation worse. Use heat. It will make you feel better.

Good food good life

Every session feels like a session of exercise. So you need to keep your muscles nourished. Eat fresh food. Avoid sugar and processed food. When you come back from a session, your full body is as fresh as a flower. Don’t ruin it by the rotten garbage named fast-food. Eat homemade food whatever you like, fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol – Yes or No?

Alcohol is already a prohibited drink for good health. Moreover, when it is a matter of Acupuncture, I would always suggest you be away from this and I have a valid reason.

After a session of acupuncture, your body needs to get highly hydrated. Alcohol is a dehydrating element itself. Every peg makes your liver distorted, intestine weak and immunity weaker. Staying away from alcohol makes your body healthier of course.

Don’t work hard

“Work hard” is a common proverb we get to hear every day. But in this particular matter, I would say, don’t pressurize your body. You love to exercise, very good. But it is not necessary to have 60 pushups after an acupuncture session. You can easily make your six-packs later. Go easy with your exercise routine.


Acupuncture means excreting toxins from your body. Enjoy your body free from all toxic substances.


Acupuncture is not like regular treatment that has specific rules and regulations to follow. It gives you full freedom to do your ordinary pursuit. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and enjoy Acupuncture!